02 octubre 2006

Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .Net

Oracle ha liberado lo que han denominado "Oracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .Net". Es un plug-in que se integra en el entorno de Visual Studio y pensado para facilitar el desarrollo contra bases de datos Oracle.
Entre otras cosas incluye:
  • Use the Oracle Explorer to browse your Oracle schema, launch one of the many powerful designers and wizards to create and alter schema objects, and drag and drop schema objects onto your form to automatically generate .NET code.
  • The integrated context sensitive online help, including the Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Users Guides puts the Oracle documentation at your fingertips. And with the Oracle Data Window you won't have to leave the Visual Studio environment for routine database tasks like inserting and updating Oracle data or testing stored procedures! For maximum flexibility, there's also a SQL Query Window for executing any SQL statement or SQL script you choose.
  • The .NET Deployment Wizard makes it easy to deploy .NET stored procedures and functions into Oracle Database 10g Release 2.
Por supuesto es de descarga gratuita

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